Friday, May 4, 2012

One Gift at a Time

                                                                    I want to let life come

                                                           One moment at a time

                                                                       One gratitude at a time

                                                            Not a list of a 1000 gifts

     Not a quota to fulfill

Not forcing my eyes to see beauty in every passing thing,

       But open and waiting to see the gift that God reveals.

I want a life surrendered 

to whatever may come

His gifts to me this day

And maybe the same tomorrow

One moment at a time

One gift at a time


  1. thank you for this, Kim. Maybe someday we can talk about this...I've had similar thoughts but you've expressed them simply and clearly.

    1. I would love to get your thoughts. This has been bouncing around in my heart and head for some time. I thought I would write in prose, but this is what came. And without realizing it, I think that fewer words says what is on my heart on many levels. Thanks for letting me know you could resonate in some way too. Let's talk...