Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jesus in the Stable by Tally

My daughter loves to paint. She loves to choose a brush and feel the paint flow from its bristles. She loves to carefully choose each color and place each stroke on the white canvas. She is three years old. She is an artist.

Today she wanted to paint Jesus in the Stable.  She started with the walls. Then the roof.

She placed the people in the stable. And then Jesus. His place carefully chosen. The stroke, deliberate. 

Do you see him? In the midst of the people, angels, clouds and trees? Tally knows exactly where Jesus is.

I could have watched her all day as she created her picture of Christmas. Her careful placement of color with each precious stroke. And then her presentation of her masterpiece. Her exclamation that Jesus is in the middle of the stable with all the people around him. She loves to point to him so I can see him too.

I'm still in awe at how she could create such a portrait of the story and say so much with her paint and brush. The artist at work is a mystery to me. I was given the privilege of watching one at work today.

My little artist helped me worship the One we celebrate this season. I need no other gifts this Christmas. She gave me the greatest gift of all. A picture of where Jesus wants to be in my life.

We're never alone when we invite Jesus into our stable. Some days I need to be reminded. Some days I feel stuck in the muck of the stable, and I need the reminder that he is in the center of it all. Right there in the midst of all the activity that goes on around me. All that fills my days. Today I am thankful for His living presence in my life. So very thankful.

Can you see Jesus, Mommy? Let me show you him!

Jesus in the Stable by Tally. A gift to you this holiday season. A gift from our home to yours.


  1. Lovely, lovely, Kim. Please thank Tally for me - this is truly a lovely gift from a very lovely girl.

  2. Thank you for sharing Tally's gift! Wonderful to see not only her talent but her faith in Jesus as central to everything!